Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Creamy Cake Sandwiches

I got the inspiration to make little change to my usual breakfast sandwiches after I bought the Osaka cup cakes from a bakery store Bread History. Instead of spreading butter and my favorite strawberry jam on my breads, I think of using this cake to replace my ingredients. This Osaka cake is very fine and smooth spongy little cute cake, and the heart of it is in fact "fluffy and creamy" in texture. Hope you can imagine how it is if you have not tasted one. It is nice to eat it by itself. My buttery look captured in my photo can show how yummy this simple cake tastes.

However, I wanted to do some creation this morning and hence I am doing the follows.

1) Prepare my toasts. I recommend to use wheat or wholemeal slices because it can add more chewing sensations while having the roughness and smooth layer in between your sandwiches.
2) Cut the Osaka cakes to thick slices.

3) Place the slices the way you wish in between your toasts.
4) Done ^.^
5) I need to serve with my coffee too.

Try this and let me know if you love it too :) It tastes very nice for me. Kids will love them too.

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